Leek and mushroom omelette with chicken and avocado!

As soon as my body realises it’s autumn I get a headcold. Like clockwork every year!

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Back from a beautiful long weekend. Feeling rested and energized. Made myself some honey drizzled ancient grain porridge with fresh figs, berries, buck wheat, seeds, and sweet coconut flakes for breakfast this morning.
Eat clean everyone!

Fresh Recipes: Mango Sushi Rolls
Whole Hearted Eats made some great recipes that will make you forget you’re eating raw. With recipes like mango sushi rolls and a California Dreams salad with mango vinaigrette, we can bet you’ll be wishing you were here in Cali too. 
All you need to do for a little taste of sunshine is make a great recipe like this, and maybe pair it with a good ol’ glass of POM Mango.
Here’s how it’s done.